Plants in Pots

Establishing a pot garden is very easy when you stick to the basics. Pots are great if your yard is too small for garden beds or if you are moving in the near future and wish to take your garden with you. Or you may have a garden that does not get as much sun during winter months as your plants require, so potting enables you to easily move them around.

Make sure you start with a quality potting mix that has Australian standards, remember your plant will be most likely in this pot for between 1 – 3 years so the quality of the mix will determine it’s success and vigour.
Be sure not to over pot your plant as that will hold more water than the plant can take and will create problems with root rot. Overwatering can also suffocate your plants.

When planting, don’t push the potting mix down too hard as compressing it down too much will push the air pockets out of the soil. Always water your plants in and for a bit of added help with transplant shock add plant starter to your water.

Check the Ph of your mix every 6 months and then adjust accordingly, feeding your potted plant with a liquid fertiliser and or a controlled release fertiliser.

Types of pots include


There are so many colours and shapes available in plastic pots they will fit into any modern environment.


The traditional charm of terracotta fits well in any setting. Being porous, terracotta allows the root system to breathe. Using Bombora sealed Terracotta pots and Grow Better Terracotta and Tub potting mix will give you outstanding growing results.


Glazed pots come in a range of bright fashionable colours. They retain moisture beautifully particularly when used with Grow Better Premium or Terracotta and Tub potting mix.


Fibreglass pots are functional, sleek and modern, great for indoor use and easy to move. These lightweight planters are ideal for apartments and balconies.

Confused about choosing pots?

Bombora offers a range of contemporary planters for your courtyard, balcony and garden setting. Download the Potting Mix Guide as a reference to the amount of potting mix to pot you will need.