Bare Rooted Planting Guide

Thinking of or have picked up a bare rooted tree? It is best to prepare a place and plant your tree as soon as you can. These steps will help you plant your new bare rooted tree.

Dig a hole

Prepare a hole by digging in an area that is 40cm x 40cm x 40cm. Place a shovel full of Grow Better Enriched Organic Planting Mix back into he base of the hole, with a generous handful of Grow Better Gypsum.

Mix the soil

Combine the soil that has been removed with a shovel of Grow Better Enriched Organic Planting Mix. Hammer a garden stake into the middle of the hole.

Planting your tree

Prune broken damaged roots branches from your bare rooted plant

Prune any broken or damaged roots or branches. Place the tree in the hole and tie it to the stake, so that the graft is around 30mm above the soil line. Fill the hole in with the soil mix and lightly pack the soil down – not too firm, just firm enough to hold the plant stable.

Lightly pack soil down

Make a well

Make a small well around the base of the tree, making sure the roots are still covered with soil. Sprinkle a handful of Grow Better Organic Fertiliser around the base of the well and cover up with soil.

Water your tree

Use water mixed with Grow Better Plant Starter

Use a watering can mixed with some Grow Better Plant Starter. Continue to water your tree as required, ensuring you keep the soil moist at all times.