Sulphate of Potash

Soluble form of potassium suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants. Quickly absorbed.


  • Size 1.5kg

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants
  • Quickly absorbed to enhance leaf and flower colour
  • Promotes abundant flowering
  • Improves fruit quality
  • Always use in combination with a balanced, all purpose fertiliser
  • Soluble form of potassium

Directions For Use

Heavy Soils – use 10 grams per square metre.

Sandy Soils – use 20 grams per square metre.

To dissolve – 20 grams per 9 litres of water and apply over 2 square metres.

As an approximate guide: 10 grams = 2 level teaspoons. 20 grams = 4 level teaspoons.