Grow Better Gardening Guides

Task of the Season – Spring

Caring for roses For the most part, roses are fairly tough plants that will grow and bloom without demanding much attention from you. But to enjoy the biggest blooms and healthiest growth, roses do need more feeding than most flowering shrubs. Fortunately, it’s easy to provide the nutrients they need, and you can do that… Read more »

Plant of the Season – Spring

Lavender Growing lavender is easy and rewarding. Lavender can be grown in garden beds or in pots. To grow lavender successfully it needs well-drained soil and full sun. In arid climates lavender grows well as a perennial, but in humid climates it is often grown as an annual. Learn how to grow lavender: Purchase healthy… Read more »

Plants in Pots

Establishing a pot garden is very easy when you stick to the basics. Pots are great if your yard is too small for garden beds or if you are moving in the near future and wish to take your garden with you. Or you may have a garden that does not get as much sun… Read more »

Bare Rooted Planting Guide

Thinking of or have picked up a bare rooted tree? It is best to prepare a place and plant your tree as soon as you can. These steps will help you plant your new bare rooted tree. Dig a hole Prepare a hole by digging in an area that is 40cm x 40cm x 40cm…. Read more »

Fruit or Citrus

When selecting an area to plant your Fruit or Citrus tree keep in mind that they like lots of sun all year round. Also, use the size that is indicated on the label as a guide to how much room will be needed for the tree to grow to its full potential. Dig a hole… Read more »